Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Painter by Peter Heller

Club Rating: 3.9

None of us liked the character but we found him a case study in selfishness and, perhaps, an immoral soul, but that was questionable.   The ending was unsettling for us as was the implication that "he got away with it"!  We talked about the purpose his painting served in his life and we felt his painting reflected, or was a mirror, into his soul, so to speak as he painted what he felt and not what he saw. 

He talked about the role of the model and that painting and the bird's nests on top of the girl's heads, for example.  We also looked at metaphors and symbolism:  the fishing rod, and fishing  was he guide through white water, his savior, the roan was his daughter and he saved the roan when he couldn't save his daughter.